Welcome to my world!
I grew up in Michigan and California, and came to Sweden as an exchange student in 1990.

Arriving in this foreign country I’d hardly even heard of before felt like coming home. It was the best year of my life. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I rushed back to my adopted homeland. I’ve lived here since 1992. And since 2005 I’m located in the charming small town of Tranås.

I’m a professional translator, freelance since 1996.
Discover Sweden and Swedish phenomena through my eyes under the “My Sweden” and the photo gallery links to the left.

These are my own observations on Sweden. Everything here is my own opinion and should not be construed in any other way.
The Swedish mindset
Sweden became a Christian country in 1164 and officially adopted Lutheranism in 1593. But I still claim that Christianity is a thin veneer painted over the Swedes’ true religion—nature worship. The most beloved psalms are a typical example: the lyrics go on and on about the flowers and the rivers and the blue skies and the pretty birds... and as an afterthought at the end, “Oh yeah, and God gave us these things.”

Hard not to be that way, though, living in a country where summer is so short and the sun can be so elusive. Funny, I hated the sun when I lived in California, did everything I could to avoid having to go out into it. Now I long for it. Just like any Swede!
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